Teaser zum Opening der Ausstellung im HUS

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Bevorstehende Ausstellungen

ArtKarlsruhe 13. – 16. Februar 2020

Kunstverein Schopfheim 24. April – 31. Mai 2020

Art invited to Systems Change Lab

My artwork was invited to the Systems Change Lab with Christian Lindner and friends, as it illustrates how an invention of a small device like the iconic iPhone can create a whole new system of values and thoughts.

Thanks to THE HUS.institute which is a think tank to explore the transformation into the Digital Modern era. They had a colloquium about rethinking and -designing identity and nationality in the Digital Modern era.

Moreover, it has launched its own social citizenship within the digital nation „Republic of Responsible Optimists“ home in DAVUZ. 60 first-generation identity cards have been produced and handed out to close friends & supporters – amongst them is for example Christian Lindner.